Workshop Rules and Guidelines

Here are some basic rules – lets come up with a few more…think about what rules or guidelines might make for a more interesting and fun maker space…they don’t all need to be serious..but some are..

  • Never leave the room without letting Etienne or Mat no where you are going.
  • Never leave the hall (front door) or the yard (gate) – without your parent unit.
  • Sharing ideas, resources (teachers and gear), and food will make for a productive/fun week.
  • We will have regularly breaks at 10.30, 12, and 2.
  • At every break computers will be closed and everyone will get outside at least once.
  • Between breaks we focus on the task and listen carefully – distractions like games and phones should be left for the break.
  • Always depower your arduino device when not in use – never leave it connected to a power source unattended.
  • Always place your arduino on a safe non conductive work surface.
  • Always put your components away when not in use.
  • Encourage those around you – help them think through their ideas by talking about them.
  • Never leave anyone behind  – if someone is getting lost – see if you can help or find someone that can.
  • Whenever you have an idea for a device or a project write it down and pin it to the board. Some people are better at idea making than material making – we need both kinds of makers.