Why choose Polygon Door?


This is our Artbot drawing with light. At Polygon Door we embody the approach we teach – we don’t use off the shelf products or code by numbers approach to teaching – we encourage people to explore their ideas by making things together.

We still have a couple of places available for our course in the second week of the July School Holidays  12th-15th- Code and Creative Machines – being run at Wollongong Art Gallery (http://polygondoor.com.au/schoolhols) and in partnership with their education program.

In this course our students will be invited to ‘Explore beyond the Screen’ – to explore the creative power of code, electronics and digital media as a creator rather than a consumer. In our course we use the same technology we use to build and prototype our own creative and commercial projects.  We learn to code in C++ the same language that many of your games, devices and computers are programmed with.

But more importantly this course is about creativity. Its about learning the techniques that creative practitioners (artists, inventors) and innovators use everyday – this is the most important tech we can teach you – techniques and approaches for harnessing your creativity.

Got a teenager who is always telling you they are bored despite the fact that they are the most distracted generation yet? Its because their distractions rarely motivate them to use the ‘creative tech’ they were born with – creative people are rarely bored – they don’t need distraction because they have an endless list of things they want to explore.

This is something the endless rhetoric around STEM forgets – its not about technology or technical skills. Today those skills are easy to acquire. Almost any technical skill can be learnt via the access to information that the internet provides. What todays kids need is the motivation to engage with these skills – they need to use them to a achieve something, they need a reason to explore them and to test them beyond the dubious notion they’ll need them in the future. Creative exploration gives you this… it makes those skills useful and extends them beyond the given.

Come create something with us…

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