The genesis of Polygon Door was in an idea that teaching could be done differently – that the object of teaching wasn’t the transmission of skills but rather the development of a discipline of self-education – of becoming a life-long expert learner. Three principles define our approach;

Research Led


When we founded Polygon Door we made a determination that all our courses and activities would be ‘research-led’. We made this determination because Polygon Door is conceived as much more than a simple education provider, it is conceived as a critical and creative technology lab: an organisation that pushes the boundaries of how technology is understood and used.

Everything we teach is part of a specific and active research project and so the content we teach is completely unique to Polygon Door. This also means that our courses are practice oriented. Rather than abstract sets of discrete skills you learn what you need to build something, you learn in the act of building, and you add your own unique experience to our collective knowledge. That is you engage in a practice of research-creation and are encouraged to research, explore, communicate, and teach what you have learnt.

Expert Learners


We know where ideas come from – and we can teach you where to go to find them. In fact this is the most important technical skill we can teach you (lets call them innovation skills -because innovation is the current buzzword …. but ‘creativity’ might also work). At Polygon Door all your instructors are ‘expert learners’ – that is they are engaged at the very cutting edge of thinking and making with and about technology. Their aim is to empower you to add something interesting to this research mix.

Material Thinking


We make stuff. More importantly we make stuff in order to think and think in order to make. We call it research-creation and material thinking – This method is key to real innovation. Its not until you enact an idea in material form that you begin to tease out its potential and its challenges. Our research-led approach means Polygon Door facilitators are also actively working at the bleeding edge with the technologies they employ in courses and that you will be too. Don’t be up to date, be ahead of the curve – in fact, go out and define the curve yourself.

A Community of Peers


We understand that the most important tool in the toolbox of an innovator is their community of peers. Nothing is quite so powerful in terms of innovation as the perspective offered by another person’s mind. We value all our students and facilitators as an added perspective, a unique approach, no matter how old they are or what there experience is. Moreover we are building a community based on this principle of added value and mutual respect.