Creating Classes (in C++) for Arduino

Classes are the fundamental construct of all OO (Object Oriented) programming languages. Most modern programming languages are OO (C++, Java, Php, Python, etc.). OO languages essentially deal with objects that have properties and can do certain things. The ‘class’ file defines what the available properties and functions are, and the ‘objects’ are instantiations (or ‘versions’)[…]


Arrays are very important in the Arduino world … they allow you to manage lists of values with minimal overhead. Since Arduinos are limited in their memory footprint it is important to know how to store values without using too much memory. Arrays for you to know exactly exactly how many values you are going to[…]

Cleaning Up Code

  Really Reading, Really Understanding. When you’ve finished that I’d like you to go through each line in your Arduino sketch and make sure you understand what each line of your code is doing. Really Understanding. Not just ‘sort of’… If you don’t really know then ask one of us and we will explain it. When[…]