After School Labs

This is a test spine that defines a bunch of Sparks to work with.

Upcycling remote-control cars

How to drive an up-cycled remote-control car.

Controlling little motors: Relay Shield

Connect any DC motor with Arduino and program it, Hack toys and take over the world with an army of robots.

Piezo: produce bleeps

Play tones and beeps, make melodies!

What is a Microcontroller?

A programmable chip that is not quite a full computer.

Cleaning Up Code

Its no good if you can code - but can't read your code because its always such a mess. Cleaning up is important.

Jean Tinguely

An artist who explored the beauty of machines

Blinking LED on Arduino – The Arduino IDE

LED light basics. Controlling LED light with Arduino.

Screens and Displays

Wire up an OLED screen

How to connect a little screen to the Arduino

Question and Answer


Reserving a box to hold a number (or text)

Graphics Primitives for OLED screens

Polygon Bugs – Abstraction and Grids.

Animating our Polygon Bug

Lets give life to our Arduino Bug - Animation 101

Arduino Bug – Using Modulo to Extend our Animation

Ever wanted to know how computers understand the idea of 'every third time do this' - this is your operation.

Light Dependent Resistors

A photoresistor is a powerful analog sensor to get started with. Activate events with light, sense movement, and much more.

Pulling a Pattern out of a Hat

Arrays: Scissors, Paper, Rock.