Welcome to Polygon Door

What is a Polygon Door?

A Polygon is a plane figure with at least three straight sides and angles, and typically five or more.

A Door is something you walk through to get somewhere else.

Imagine a door that is completely unique to you, where and when you are, which can change once you’ve moved through it and which isn’t defined by the architecture around it. It is a door that could open onto anywhere at anytime and a door we have to actually step through in order to know what exist on the other side.

That’s the inspiration for our name. We also think its a pretty good metaphor for a different model of learning – one not premised on a one size fits all, code by numbers approach, but is rather more fluid and adaptable and responsive.

The door you need – or the one you need to open- is the one that fits you, intrigues, excites you at a particular time. Stepping through it involves leaving the place you’re in without knowing where you’ll end up or what you’ll discover.

To this end we aren’t creating courses or classes – a course is after all a predetermined path-  but rather a system made up of what we are calling ‘Sparks’ and ‘Spines’.

Sparks are are small autonomous units of knowledge, ideas, exercises, histories, people, concepts which connect together in a myriad of different ways depending on the needs and concerns of the learner following them.

Spines are paths connecting sparks in order to create a coherent path.

The text you are reading is a Spark – a welcome spark.We call this space sparkNet… because we hope to build it into a network of sparks and spines…oh… and people….because the network and all its machines is only useful as long as it connects people…