Software and Hardware


Lets play Telephone/Whispers. A set of instructions will be sent form person to person with the final person completing the instructions.

In this game we can think of the message as software – it seems intangible, it moves fluidly, but how does it move? does it really move? what is the relationship between the ‘hardware’ (our bodies) and the ‘software’ (the message).

What would happen if we spoke different languages?

What is Software? 

What examples of software can you think of?

Is software really soft? If not – what is it?

Does the body/brain have software? If it did, what is it made of ?

Can you think of some times when you need instructions to do something?

What makes a clear set of instructions?

Are these examples of software that aren’t computer software?

Does a book have software? If the answer is yes what stuff is this software made from?

Where and how is the software written on a computer? Is it like or different to the book how?

Can you have software without hardware

What is Hardware? 

Can you have hardware without software? What are some examples?

What are some examples of hardware that use and need software?

What is the difference between hardware with software and hardware that doesn’t need it?

What does hardware need to be able to do to allow it to use software?