Science meets Art.

anders1In the truth we exposed about art (through art) we exposed something about expression more generally. In exposing something about expression we seem to expose something about the nature of human thought and consciousness; That creative thought was not something that occurred in the wetware we call a brain – but that appeared to happen in a feedback loop between the body and the world.

We discovered creative possibility, often accidentally, as a process of stumbling through and into the world. Our most extraordinary innovations occurred to us mostly via a series of happy accidents that displayed the potential inherent in processes or materials.

Computer power provided a whole new means of stumbling into these happy accidents Computers could execute many millions of instructions with accuracy previously unimaginable and giving us new ways of extending human agency. This facility gave rise to both new aesthetic and analytic possibilities. Repeating simple processes many thousands of times gave rise to new art forms. Repeating simple process many millions of times gave us new ways of understanding complex systems. One of those systems was the human ‘mind’ and life more generally.