Beyond Bitcoin- Exploring the Blockchain

Heard about Bitcoin and want to know more? Don't know where to start? Join us as we explore the 'blockchain', what it is, what it can do, and more importantly what it *might* do. We learn by throwing ourselves in the deep end and building things with the blockchain.
Starts Monday 9th of October 2017
10 Weeks
@ iAccelerate Building Foyer (Innovation Campus, University of Wollongong, Squires Way, North Wollongong)



In this course we will organise electronic wallets, buy some cryptocurrency, create our our token/cryptocurrency, write and execute contracts, and finally we will work together to produce  an app on the Ethereum blockchain: the second generation cryptocurrency platform that allows us  to build decentralised web applications.

You need absolutely no experience with code, the blockchain, or any other technology to join us and to contribute to the workshop.

Week One:

  • Using an Exchange to buy Ether/Bitcoin
  • Setting up a Wallet.
  • Transferring Ether/Bitcoin for exchange to wallet.
  • Sending Ether/Bitcoin between wallets.
  • Establish a Glossary and develop a Diagram of the Architecture.
  • Document and discuss use cases.

Week Two:

  • Create a token.
  • Mine, Distribute and Exchange our own Coins.

Week Three:

  • Create a Contract: A voting system for people with our token to vote on a single Polygon Door issue.

Week Four:

  • Create a simple dApp (distributed application) – a front end for the voting contract.
  • Discussion: Revisiting use cases – How can we use smart contracts to create new forms of organisation?
  • Can we use a contract to propose and vote on a dApp to develop for the rest of term?

Week Five:

  • Choose and specify a dApp we will work to develop.
  • Planning dApp development.

Week Six:

  • Backend dApp Dev and Front End Wireframing/Specification.

Week Seven:

  • Continued dApp Dev.
  • Discussion: Making things happen? Contracts with non human objects – can we turn on an led using the blockchain..and question why we would.

Week Eight:

  • Experiments with making things happen. Switching on a LED using a smart contract, continued dApp Dev.

Week Nine:

  • Finalise Dapp Dev and sum up what we’ve learnt about the Blockchain.

Week Ten:

  • dApp Launch Party and discussion : Where to from here?
Make sure that you bring:
A laptop on which you can install software.