Our Business Model

We know where ideas come from

At Polygon Door our core competency is an understanding of creative thinking and its relation to technology; we know where ideas come from. Our strategy is to design uniquely creative technology kits, publications, and educational programs (including schools programs, and corporate innovation skills programs) that encourage creative play and individual expression – we plan to sell these globally at a profit.

Ideas aren’t generated in a vacuum, expertise is hard to come by, the right parts and equipment take a long time to source and delivery is often unreliable. Our lab spaces will provide the front end for our manufacturing business by showing customers how to get the most out of our kits, by introducing them to new kits, by stocking the things they don’t know they need, and by supporting active making in a shared space.

If our kits and publications make it possible to realise ideas then our lab spaces make it possible to share them as a community. The more our lab spaces can provide a fun, collaborative space of creative play, the more students we will attract and retain, the more productive they will be and the more kits, publications and programs they will buy.

By supporting creative making in our lab spaces via access to equipment and parts, expertise and community, we subvert and harness the threat normally posed to companies whose primary asset is Intellectual Property. Our business thrives on sharing information and distributing it widely – the more ideas travel, the more people will engage in creative making and the more customers we will be able to support in that activity.

Our customers are global. Increasingly people are turning to open source technology to realise ideas and solve problems that are local and the solutions to which will be a unique expression of their community. We can support and encourage this trend by providing access to material, expertise and a community of peers, while simultaneously harnessing the Intellectual Capital it produces.

HackySoc – A Prototype

Our HackySoc kit is a prototype for kits that encourage creative play and individual expression. It is based on open source technologies and is supported by a custom API developed by Polygon Door. This kit makes it possible to explore a wide range of ideas and outcomes related to The Internet of Things by linking its actuators, micro-controller and wireless networking with the world at large. With this kit you can flick a switch with an email, or flick a switch to send an email – and you can build anything else involving action and sensing at a distance. The kits and materials guide experimentation and support the realisation of ideas. Our lab spaces support the exploration, development and extension of the HackySoc kit. The community of users that explores this kit, either in our lab spaces or at home, provides a community of connected and invested makers.

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