July School Holidays at Wollongong Art Gallery – Filling Fast


We will be using our artbots to explore different ways to think about creativity. Come play with us. July 12th-15th @ Wollongong Art Gallery.

Come and explore beyond the screen at our Code and Creative Machines workshop for 10-15 year olds this July school holidays in partnership with Wollongong Art Gallery. Places are extremely limited and filling fast  so book now.

More info: Coding & Creative Machines at Wollongong Art Gallery

This course is more than about learning to code and its not really about technology – its about creative thinking.

Yes we learn to code – but we learn to code and build electronics because its an exciting way to learn how creativity works and what it involves – to explore creative potential.

We like to say ‘We know where ideas come from’ and this is more than just hyperbole or a catch phrase. Most people tend to think Ideas are the product of some deep innate creative facility – but ideas aren’t generated in the head.  Ideas are generated between body and world and we discover them by getting stuck in, by playing, by exploring the possibilities presented by materials, by prodding the world and watching and reflecting on how it speaks to us,

So come play with us this school holidays – learn to create with technology rather than consume with it. Give creative control over technology back to your kids and watch their imaginations take over.



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