Introduction to Coding and Creative Machines

We’ve been going over our planned activities for our January (January 11-15 in Thirroul – Thirroul Railway Institute Preservation Society Hall ) holiday camp.

So far the plan looks like this;

On the first day we will be handing out and exploring the electronics we’ll be introducing.

This includes an Arduino Mega micro-controller (a small programmable device), a wireless network module, a bunch of sensors, a tiny little OLED display, and much more.


Its an exciting kit that would retail in Australia for well over a 150 Dollars – and its all yours for the price of admission.

With this gear we will spend the next 5 days working with Lasers, Sensors, Robots. We’ll even build  and program our own wireless messaging device.

On day one we’ll introduce you to your micro-controller and cover some of the basics of coding.


You’ll walk away with a battery operated device that is able to respond to your presence and trigger events on our little screen.

We’ll build an interactive game that gets us doing more than staring at screens and which you can take home and continue developing.

On day two we will extend the previous day’s activities by building a laser maze game in the hall – using lasers and photo-resistors to make laser trip wires.


On day three we will be recycling some toy cars to build fast, cheap, out of control robots using micro-controllers and ultrasonic sensors.


On day four we will be connecting our micro-controllers to a wireless network. At this point things get really interesting as the potential for triggering and responding to real events extends into and across the network. Perhaps a laser-trip wire is used to automatically send an email to your phone?


On the final day of the workshop we will reflect on everything we have achieved and keep working on all of the ideas you’ve developed over the week.

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