Imagineering and Planning

Today we’d like to dedicate most of the day to you exploring what you might make with the skills you’ve amassed so far.

We should start by just coming up with some plans on paper. Close your screens. Make a list of all the elements you’d like to use in your project and that you have available. If your not sure if something is doable/achievable that is OK – perhaps one small step toward it is? Ask us. 

Talk to other people in the room -spend some time just mulling over crazy ideas… perhaps they are not so crazy.

When you have an idea of what you’d like to work on start by drawing it…. The drawing might take the form of a map of components or an electronic schematic – or it might be a drawing of the process or step involved in engaging with it.

Now – simplify it – simplify it in the same way we simplified the drawing earlier in the week – that is – find the best possible and simplest abstraction. You want to find the simplest possible way to achieve your goals without watering them down or changing them.

Breaking it Down

The next step is to work out a set of instructions in plain english. What components will we need?What steps do we need to tell the computer/micro-controller in order for our program to work.

Write your program in plain english steps.