How would we build one? 

screen-shot-2016-09-21-at-3-04-49-pmThe Artbot project is as a outcome of the very process it tries to teach. The platform is designed for you to explore the many possible answers to this question by just doing rather than learning. The answers to the question of how to build an artBot is the very reason for building one.

In building the artBot we have had to become expert learners. We have been immersed in a vast array of disciplines including history, engineering, design, science, art, maths, programming, electronics, communications amongst others.

We want you to become an expert learner as well.

Here is a story:

A furniture maker has a son who has been sitting watching her work for many years and then one day while he is building a chair say he too would like to build furniture. It would be absurd for the furniture maker to stop what she was doing and start formalising a series of skills required in order to build a chair and then sit and demonstrate each of these skills before leaving her son to build her own. Instead she starts collaborating with her son – of course the collaboration is one sided to begin with but that collaboration in the act of building an actual chair is engaging and productive and immersed in the contingencies of furniture making.

We are inviting you to collaborate on the Artbot project – in the process you’ll be thrown into all those disciplines mentioned above just as we were in putting this kit together. What follow are some other key design  and technology challenges we hope you’ll be collaborating with us on. There is no ‘right’ way to build an Artbot – except to not build one at all.