How to think through materials / technology

Within the context of the artbot lab, the success of the project is to be found in the aesthetic of the drawings created. In other words, producing a functional drawing robot is not the end point but rather the starting point of the artbot project.


The success of the project is to be found in:

  1. What kinds of drawings the artbot will draw,
  2. How those drawings are already to be found within the material/mechanical/software design of the artbot,
  3. How the artbot critically engages with certain cultural practices (such as, perhaps, the act of creativity through producing drawings).

How to go about doing this?

  • Be very wary of tacit preconceptions (especially the design of previous robots).
  • Make as much as conceive.
  • During the making, stay open to the ‘speaking’ of the materials.
  • Stay open to the serendipitous accidents that provide you with ‘vectors’ in unexpected directions,
  • Be willing to ‘let go’ of your conception, when something more interesting arises.