HackySoc Kit

Kit Price: $96

This kit provides internet-connectedness to the Arduino platform. In combination with the HackySoc software, it can be used as an internet-connected messaging device that interfaces seamlessly with 1) existing internet infrastructure and 2) existing electronic componentry. It is designed to serve the HackySoc research project and the Labs that depend on it.  HackySoc empowers the Arduino platform to send and receive messages.

We use this kit to teach the basics of programming and electronics but also to explore the logic structures that sit behind social networks. HackySoc also allows exploring the possibilities of the Internet of Things. Included in this kit are the following:

  1. Arduino Mega (a microcontroller) with prototype shield, connector cables, and power supply,
  2. WIFI chip (ESP8255),
  3. voltage regulator (to power the WIFI chip),
  4. white OLED screen (128 x 64 pixels),
  5. rotary controler,
  6. piezo (speaker and mic in one),
  7. 3 push-buttons
  8. range of LED lights
  9. range of resistors, and more!

Note: The exact contents of the kit may vary with supply and demand

If you are interested in purchasing one of these kits outside of the scope of our workshops, please contact us.

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