Creative Robotics issue of the Fibreculture Journal

Furman (2003) is a six-foot high machine that delivers karate-style kicks, powered by compressed air – Paul Granjon 2003.

The Fibreculture Journal of which I am a managing editor has just published this interesting issue on Creative Robotics. I particularly enjoyed Katarina Damjanov’s paper FCJ-205 Life and Labour of Rovers on Mars: Toward Post-Terrestrial Futures of Creative Robotics but there are some great papers throughout including one describing the use of robotics in education.

Here’s a little from the introduction from the roboticist,  artist, and one of this issues guest editors Petra Gemeinboeck;

Creative Robotics is a transdisciplinary practice that builds on the history of robotic and cybernetic art to explore human–robot configurations from a critical, socio-cultural perspective. It brings together concepts and methods from experimental arts and engineering, performance and the social sciences, and it often materially experiments with what Lucy Suchman has succinctly described as ‘material-discursive practices through which boundaries and associated entities are made’ (2011: 121).



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