Core Kit


Kit Price: $76

This kit is designed to provide a completely open and expandable electronics and programming platform that allows both beginners and experienced makers alike to imagine and develop their own ideas and projects.

Built on open source hardware you can expand your project’s and your learning infinitely and openly.

This kit is used in several of our workshops including the PolygonDoor Bug workshop. It is used to teach the basics of programming, electronics and creative thinking. Included are the following:

  1. Arduino Mega with power supply,
  2. Mega prototype shield & connector cables,
  3. white OLED screen (128 x 64 pixels),
  4. rotary controller,
  5. piezo (speaker and mic in one),
  6. 3 push-buttons
  7. range of LED lights
  8. range of resistors, and more!

Note: The exact contents of the kit may vary slightly with supply and demand

If you are interested in purchasing one of these kits outside of the scope of our workshops, please contact us.

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