Compute This! (Encoding & Instructions)

In this exercise we are going to take our bug story and image and give.

You should now have both a story and an image that describes your polygon bug.
Now we’d like you to write a set of instructions that tells someone else how to draw your bug.

1) You will write careful instructions on a sheet of paper so that someone else can draw a version of you bug.
2) Hand you bug story an instructions to someone else in the class an receive them form someone else.
3) Read the story provided that describes the bugs traits.
4) Use the provided grid paper to follow the instructions that explain how to draw the bug.
5) Add any additional traits that you feel might enhance or improve the bug based on the story provided
5) Once completed hand back both the original and your n bugs to their ‘owners’.

How is your bug drawing different from the bug drawn by instructions?
How did encoding the drawing as instructions change the drawing and why?
Did the instructions add or subtract form the original idea?