Why choose Polygon Door?

We still have a couple of places available for our course in the second week of the July School Holidays  12th-15th- Code and Creative Machines – being run at Wollongong Art Gallery (http://polygondoor.com.au/schoolhols) and in partnership with their education program. In this course our students will be invited to ‘Explore beyond the Screen’ – to[…]


*To edit… We’ve done absolutely loads of coding and learnt a lot of a very short period of time (about 8 hours). We’ve learnt a lot about basic programming constructs and electronics. In the process we’ve added lots of little bit of code to our sketch (or sketches) and changed things over and over again.[…]

Creating Classes (in C++) for Arduino

Classes are the fundamental construct of all OO (Object Oriented) programming languages. Most modern programming languages are OO (C++, Java, Php, Python, etc.). OO languages essentially deal with objects that have properties and can do certain things. The ‘class’ file defines what the available properties and functions are, and the ‘objects’ are instantiations (or ‘versions’)[…]