Arrays are one of the most important software constructs. What they do is very simple; they allow you to organise things as a list. In object-oriented languages arrays can be a list of anything. It is even possible to have a list of lists. These are called multi-dimensional arrays. A lit of lists of lists is,[…]

Playing with Harmonographs

Harmonographs are mechanical devices that use pendulum motion to create intricately patterned drawings. They often use 2 pendulums but could use any number. As the pendulums slow down due to friction (called damping) the resultant patterns continuously change. Each pendulum effectively provides 2 oscillating motions (because they draw ovals, not circles). Harmonograph motion can be simulated, both[…]


Arrays are very important in the Arduino world … they allow you to manage lists of values with minimal overhead. Since Arduinos are limited in their memory footprint it is important to know how to store values without using too much memory. Arrays for you to know exactly exactly how many values you are going to[…]

Thinking Machines

The Artbot project is interesting for the way it opens onto a number of interesting and persistent questions in fields concerned with notions of intelligence and creativity – both things that at one point were taken to define our humanity (and for the most part still do). It is nearly impossible to grapple with robotics[…]