Introduction to Coding and Creative Machines

We’ve been going over our planned activities for our January (January 11-15 in Thirroul – Thirroul Railway Institute Preservation Society Hall ) holiday camp. So far the plan looks like this; On the first day we will be handing out and exploring the electronics we’ll be introducing. This includes an Arduino Mega micro-controller (a small[…]

Hello? World? : Learn to Code by Listening to Machines.

How do we hold people’s attention as they struggle through that first difficult stage as they grapple with code and coding? We think the answer might be in removing the focus from the technical skill they are learning, harnessing their creative thinking and helping them to identify and drive toward an inspiring result. ‘Hello World’[…]

How do you teach children about social networks?

Almost all adults who have witnessed the arrival of social networks recognise that they change the way we socialise. Some of those changes are beneficial, for example: it is really easy to keep in touch with distant friends. Some of those changes are detrimental, for example: we become overly-conscious of how we present ourselves online. Adults who can[…]

The thinking behind Polygon Door maker labs.

The thinking behind our first Polygon Door maker labs. Many years experience introducing young adults from different backgrounds and disciplines to code and coding (programming) has taught us that no-one learns to code well without a reason for coding in the first place. That is perhaps something we should have already known intuitively as educators[…]