Bug XY Battleship Game

Bug Exterminator:

Once you’ve created a creature lets play a little game – Carefully cut around the 150*150 square in which you created you creature. Stick to the grid lines when you are cutting.

  1. Grab another piece of grid paper and find a place around the table facing your fellow students.
  2.  Without letting anyone else see Рplace your  bug square somewhere on the larger grid paper and line it up along the grid lines.
  3. Moving around with one student at a time choosing another student whose bug they are going to try and target. Call out there name and a X,Y coordinate on the grid.
  4. If your name is called the carefully map that pint on your grid – if the point ‘hits’ your bug call out ‘hit!’
  5. When your bug has been hit three times – your out. The last bug left alive is the winner.IMG_0934-1


Move around the circle again and show everyone your bug. Discuss how you think the process of abstraction has changed your drawing – is the drawing better or worse or just different? How is it better or worse or different and why? With the group decide what your bug should be called