Art Machines.

Jean Tinguely is a Swiss artist who is best known for his Kinetic Art -art that ‘paints’ with movement in time and space. He is connected to the Dada movement and this sense of the absurd and nonesensical is an important element of his practice. From the late 50’s he produced a number of beautiful[…]

Art Machines and Robots?

Art in the twentieth century is a story about people trying to represent the world and connect with each other in the face of unprecedented change. The period up to the beginning of the 20th century saw Einstein, Darwin, Freud, Marx, Nietzsche, The Industrial Revolution, Electronic Communication, Steam Engines all rearrange our concepts of space,[…]

Pulling a Pattern out of a Hat

This exercise moves us away from the screen and the technology and gets us thinking about instructions, (en)coding, abstraction, and creativity. Sending instructions to a machine is hard work – you have to be pretty clear and you have to use the right language – but if the computer doesn’t understand it tells you nice[…]

Why choose Polygon Door?

We still have a couple of places available for our course in the second week of the July School Holidays  12th-15th- Code and Creative Machines – being run at Wollongong Art Gallery ( and in partnership with their education program. In this course our students will be invited to ‘Explore beyond the Screen’ – to[…]