Why Build Pablo this School Holidays?

This July School Holidays we will be partnering with Wollongong Art Gallery again to offer our creative robotics program. In this 4 day workshop during the second week (July 11-14) students aged 10-14 are invited to build there own ‘Pablo’ – our custom designed programmable drawing machine (or robot). In this workshop students spend their[…]

Creative Robotics issue of the Fibreculture Journal

The Fibreculture Journal of which I am a managing editor has just published this interesting issue on Creative Robotics. I particularly enjoyed Katarina Damjanov’s paper FCJ-205 Life and Labour of Rovers on Mars: Toward Post-Terrestrial Futures of Creative Robotics but there are some great papers throughout including one describing the use of robotics in education. Here’s a little[…]

Pablo the Robot Draws Warilla High Students Into High-Tech Future

A locally-developed robot called Pablo will see Warilla High School students explore creativity and technology in an exciting new program to run at the school in 2017. Warilla High School is partnering with Polygon Door, a resident company in the University of Wollongong’s iAccelerate program.  Founded by two UOW academics – Polygon Door will work[…]

Explore the Abstraction.

Out of the box/kit the artBot has just four values to control.The distance a wheel would travel in a period (forward and then back) and revealed an incredible vast array of potential drawings. We control these values via a single rotary encoder – the term for a continuous digital dial. You move between values by[…]

Differential Drive.

By far the most common, convenient and tested model for driving simple robots is a differential drive system. A ‘differential drive’ systems is a drive system that operates on the difference in force produce at two or more points to turn the robot. In a differential drive system the robots drive and its steering are[…]

How would we build one? 

The Artbot project is as a outcome of the very process it tries to teach. The platform is designed for you to explore the many possible answers to this question by just doing rather than learning. The answers to the question of how to build an artBot is the very reason for building one. In[…]

Science meets Art.

In the truth we exposed about art (through art) we exposed something about expression more generally. In exposing something about expression we seem to expose something about the nature of human thought and consciousness; That creative thought was not something that occurred in the wetware we call a brain – but that appeared to happen[…]