Adding WIFI to the Arduino

To provide the Arduino with Internet access, we add a little board that has all the necessary circuitry to connect to a WIFI point. This little circuit board is called the ESP8266.

The ESP8266 has quite high power requirements, so it needs what is called a Voltage Regulator. The Voltage Regulator drops a 5V source into a 3.3V supply with a more steady and capable current. In the diagram below we are using theĀ LM39401T voltage regulatorĀ (purchased at Jaycar).

Make sure you have a prototype shield connected to your Mega (the diagram doesn’t show the shield correctly). Disconnect the Arduino from power, and put the little circuit together. You may need to solder some jumper leads onto the ESP8266 pins (they don’t fit neatly into breadboards).


Once you power up the Arduino, you should see lights flashing on the ESP8266.

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