Pablo for Schools

Pablo Partners Workshop

  • 10 re-usable Pablo Drawing Machine Kits.
  • 2 pre-built and programmed Pablo Drawing Machines.
  • Custom Educational API for learning and exploring with real code (C++)
  • Minimum 15 Weeks of lesson plans mapped to the Australian and New South Wales Curriculum across disciplines.
  • 3 Days of on-site professional development incursions
  • Access to teacher support material.
  • 3 Hours of in-class teaching support.
  • 6 Months of premium phone and email support.
  • 6 Months replacement parts

Pablo for Home

A Pablo Kit is a great way to get started with Arduino and Coding at home. It makes a great family project and comes with a series of activities that support learning through creative play and open exploration.

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Learning and Teaching with the Pablo Platform

Pablo is designed from the outset as a platform to teach and learn with. We take learning and teaching seriously - it is not tacked on to an existing toy. When you purchase a Pablo Class Kit you get access to a growing database of lesson plans mapped to the NSW Curriculum and the Australian Curriculum. Pablo works well as a whole of school solution - as great in maths as it is in art - and across and between many other disciplines.

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